Mapper | Save your memories on the street | EU-XCEL startup
We help you to join digital content with real places in the world. Imagine seeing everything what happened in a certain place through the time. Just in your hands.
Mapper, Mapper Mobile, Startup, EUXCEL
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video memories in a map travel guid cork

Follow travel guides

Are you a real traveler? Do you like to discover anecdotes about the new cities you visit?

We help you to follow touristic video lists made by people to people.

Archive and organize your journeys

No more saving your precious moments on holidays as a bunch of flat photos on your hard drive. We give you the complete solution to capture your emotions, experience and fun.

With Mapper you can reminisce every detail of your past journeys with pleasure and smile on your face.

Save your memories on the street

The street you step on, is the best place to save your videos. Save your favourite song in your favourite place.

You can share digital content with your friends in certain location. And discover new histories around you.


New concept to join digital content with real world. Save your relevant information on the Map. Discover other.

Get your wedding photos from your friends, Instantly

Discover new concert places from your favourite artist

Reality depends on where you are

We deeply think that there is a big gap between digital content and real world.

We are building the bridge that help you to change  your perspective. With your help we can travel in space and time. Imagine see everything what happened in an unique place through the time.

One place, Multiples stories.

mapper mobile perspective